The Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Thrilling, Exciting, Doable Bucket List After 50

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Turning 50 can be a time for nostalgia about goals unmet and dreams unfulfilled. But it’s never too late to create an inspiring bucket list to make the most of your 50s, 60s and beyond. This comprehensive guide will walk you through crafting a bucket list that’s thrilling yet achievable after 50.

Clarify Your Priorities First

Before listing specific bucket list ideas, reflect on what’s truly important to you in this stage of life. Are you looking for adventure? Seeking cultural experiences? Hoping to grow spiritually? Wanting to develop new skills and passions? Your core priorities will provide the framework.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

  • How do I envision my ideal retired life? What feelings do I want to experience?
  • What’s on my list of lifelong regrets or missed opportunities?
  • What activities energize me and make me feel alive?
  • What relationships do I want to nurture in this season?
  • What places have I always wanted to visit but haven’t yet?
  • What skills have I hoped to learn if I just had the time?

Clarifying your priorities first will help you craft a meaningful bucket list tailored to this season of life.


Gather Bucket List Ideas Aligned to Your Priorities

Once your priorities are clear, it’s time to gather exciting bucket list ideas across relevant categories.

Adventure Travel Goals

  • Take a African safari tour
  • Hike a famous trail like the Appalachian Trail or El Camino de Santiago
  • Visit all 7 continents
  • Go heli-skiing in the Alps
  • Embark on a cross-country RV trip
  • Road trip along Route 66
  • Join a dude ranch experience

Health and Fitness Goals

  • Train for and run a 5K or 10K
  • Learn ballroom dancing
  • Take paddleboarding or surfing lessons
  • Learn scuba diving
  • Commit to a daily yoga practice
  • Maintain a vegetable garden
  • Hike more local nature trails

Cultural and Learning Experiences

  • Take a cooking class in Italy
  • Learn to play a musical instrument like guitar or piano
  • Become fluent in a foreign language
  • Read the “100 Greatest Books of All Time”
  • Take acting classes and perform in a local play
  • Enroll in photography, painting or pottery workshops
  • Take a film studies or art history course at a local college

Spiritual and Personal Growth Goals

  • Go on a meditation or mindfulness retreat
  • Keep a daily gratitude journal
  • Volunteer with an organization you feel passionate about
  • Trace your ancestry and create a family tree
  • Write an autobiography for your family
  • Meet an inspirational figure you admire
  • Forgive someone from your past

bucket list goals

With your priorities as a guide, brainstorm bucket list ideas spanning adventure travel, health, cultural enrichment, spiritual growth and more. Think big! This is the time to make your dreams happen.

Evaluate Your List Against the SMART Framework

Once your list is full of exciting ideas, evaluate each item against the SMART framework to ensure your goals are achievable:

Specific – Clearly define what each goal entails. Get into the details.

Measurable – Quantify it somehow to know when it’s complete.

Achievable – Consider limitations like finances, mobility and time.

Relevant – Link goals back to your priorities for this life stage.

Time-bound – Set deadlines so they don’t keep getting pushed off.

Prioritize goals that align with your priorities and remain realistic. Don’t let your list overwhelm you. With strategic planning, even ambitious goals can become realities.

Make An Action Plan with Smaller Milestones

For each of your SMART bucket list goals, break it down into smaller, manageable milestones with target dates. Planning the incremental steps is key to checking goals off your list.

For example, for a goal to hike the Appalachian Trail:

  • Research logistics and gear needs – Jan 20xx
  • Save estimated trip costs – June 20xx
  • Prepare physically with training hikes – Sept 20xx
  • Start the trail! – April 20xx

Celebrate hitting each tiny milestone, which will build momentum towards achieving your inspiring bucket list goals.

Enlist Friends or Family for Accountability Buddies

Share your bucket list with close friends or family members who can serve as “accountability buddies” to encourage you and hold you to your goals. Having cheerleaders and companions on your bucket list quest can help motivate you during challenging times.

Look for buddies who may share your bucket list interests and may like collaborating. For example, maybe a friend also desires visiting all 50 states and you can plan some trips together.

Leverage Resources to Make Goals Happen

Don’t let limited finances deter you from your bucket list dreams. Here are some ways to make goals feasible on a budget:

  • Use travel rewards credit cards to earn points for flights and hotels
  • Take advantage of senior discounts at many hotels, attractions and transportation
  • Consider house-sitting, pet-sitting or work exchanges for free accommodation abroad
  • Rent an RV versus hotels for a driving trip around the country
  • Choose more affordable destinations like Europe, Asia and Latin America
  • Look into all-inclusive resorts and cruise deals
  • Enroll in classes at community colleges versus private instruction

With flexibility and creativity, you can check off your bucket list goals without breaking the bank.

Schedule Regular Bucket List Check-Ins

Revisit your bucket list every quarter or biannually. Review progress, adjust timelines if needed, add new goals that may emerge and delete items that no longer resonate.

Treat your bucket list as a fluid, evolving document. It will change as you change. The key is keeping it front of mind. Integrate regular check-ins on your calendar.

Enjoy the Ride as You Pursue Your Goals After 50

Most importantly, relish the journey of pursuing your bucket list in this exciting stage of life. Don’t wait until a goal is achieved to feel fulfilled. Find joy in the everyday progress as much as the destination.

Crossing items off your bucket list after 50 provides a profound sense of accomplishment. But the real treasure is how the quest fills your days with passion, purpose and vibrancy. Let the thrill of it keep you feeling young at heart, regardless of physical age.

The time is now to define what a well-lived life looks like for you. Stop deferring dreams for “someday”. With vision, commitment and smart planning, you can make your bucket list a beautiful reality, goal by life-enriching goal.

Recommended Resources

Looking for help creating your bucket list or making goals happen? Here are some useful resources:

Bucket List Adventures: Tour company specialized in bucket list travel for the 50+ crowd. Get insider tips on your dream destinations.

Road Scholar: All-inclusive learning adventures and tours worldwide for older adults. Sign up for unique educational experiences.

Outdoorsy: Rent RVs directly from private owners instead of a rental company and save money on road trips.

Passion Plans: Workbook and coaching for identifying your passions and turning them into a retirement bucket list plan.

Final Thoughts on Achieving Your Bucket List After 50

Don’t let age stop you from making long-awaited dreams a reality. With intention and planning, you can craft an incredible bucket list tailored just for this exciting life stage. Use the guidance in this comprehensive guide to create goals that ignite your passions and help you live life to the fullest, now and long into the future. The possibilities are endless – start adventuring today!


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